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Everything you need to know about chartering a yacht

Below is a selection of frequently asked questions. If these do not answer your query please do not hesitate to contact your charter consultant or call our general enquiries line on 01202 232104 - we're always happy to help and want to do whatver it takes to make your time with us really special!

About Motor Yachts
What is a Motor Yacht? How fast do they go?
What's the difference between a Fly Bridge & a Sports Cruiser? How many people do they carry?
About booking with us
What happens in bad weather? Can I charter bareboat?
Do I have to bring my own towels etc? Can I bring my own food?
Can I bring my children? Do you take pets?
Is the cost of crew included? Do you need a security deposit?
What's included in the price? Can I be assured of your discretion?
What happens if I need to cancel? Can I change the dates of my charter?
Can I choose my exact boat? How can I contact you?
Can I choose exact crew?  
About Motor Yachts

What is a Motor Yacht?

A Motor Yacht is the term given to the type of vessels we charter. They are typically fast, planing boats, 35 feet to 90 feet in length (10-28 metres), with extensive internal accomodation of a luxurious nature, mainly used for leisure purposes.

You may think they are 'Motor Boats' but this term encompasses all types of boat that are primarily powered by an engine - from small river boats to working boats.

If it's a yacht, then it's for fun. If it's a boat it just floats!

'Motor Cruisers' is another term often used to describe our yachts, however this term refers to what is known as displacement boats which do not plane (planing is where the majority of the hull lifts out of the water under speed) which whilst still having extensive accomodation, only travel at a few miles per hour.

Super Yachts are the same as motor yachts in style and design are much larger - over 90 feet (28 metres), and Mega Yachts are even larger.

Sailing Yachts are the other type of leisure yacht - they are primarily powered by sail and offer an entirely different charter experience. They have much smaller internal and external accomodation areas and are built mainly for the more sporty or adventurous traveller.

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What's the difference between a Fly Bridge and a Sports Cruiser?

In mid sized motor yachts (45-65 feet) a fly bridge motor yacht has around 30% more accomodation space than a sports cruiser of a similar size. E.g. a 50 feet fly bridge has more space than a 60 feet sports cruiser.

A fly bridge will usually have 3 levels - a lower level where all the cabins are, a mid level with the galley, a large saloon and dining area and an open cockpit at the rear and a top level with lots of outdoor seating and sun pads.

A sports cruiser is almost always on 2 levels - the lower level has all the cabins and galley, and the main deck has a saloon, dining and just a single open cockpit at the rear.

Sports cruisers typically look sleek and are slightly faster. Motor yachts are more comfortable and offer more options for entertaining in all weathers.

Which to choose? It's entirely a personal choice!

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How fast do they go?

Almost all our motor yachts will cruise at around 18-23 knots.

A knot is equivalent to 1.15 mph, so 20 knots is around 23 mph, and 25 knots is 28.8 mph.

The top speed of a yacht varies but will usually be around 30 knots. However you would never travel at top speed for any length of time as the amount of fuel consumed is eye watering!

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How many people do they carry?

All motor yachts will carry a maximum of 12 guests, no matter what their size. This is due to the legislation they are licensed under.

Smaller motor yachts around 45 feet will be licensed to carry up to 10 guests and the smallest vessels will carry 6 to 8 guests.

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What is licensing/coding?

Every boat, motor yacht and sailing yacht MUST be licensed if it is to be used commercially - i.e. for charter.

NEVER, EVER hire a vessel unless you are sure that it is licensed!

The licensing process (often refered to as 'coding') is extensive and expensive and ensures that the vessel is structurally sound, meets a wide variety of safety standards and carries a full range of safety equipment. The vessel must also be insured for commercial operation.

In addition, every licensed vessel must be captained by a qualified captain who has an endorsement for commerical charter. These qualifications take many years to gain.

If you are shopping around, you may well come across people who operate un-licensed vessels. This is illegal and dangerous - don't put your lives at risk just because they may be cheaper.

If you are in any doubt, then ask to check. Every vessel must carry the coding certificate and commercial insurance documents so ask to see them. If you're in any doubt as to the ability of your Captain - again ask to see their qualifications - if they have nothing to hide then they will be happy to show you. If there is anything wrong then call the Police!

Every Clarity vessel is regularly checked for all of the above and so we can assure you all our motor yachts are licensed, our skippers and crew are qualified and we carry commercial insurance.

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About booking with us

What happens in bad weather?

Don't be concerned! The weather very rarely affects charters on the UK south coast.

However, if adverse weather is expected, we will contact you at least 3 days before to let you know that your charter could be disrupted, and will make a final decision in association with yourself no later than the day before the charter is due to start.

Adverse weather is defined as high winds (with a Met Office or Coastguard 'strong wind' or gale warning in effect - a sustained Force 6 or higher), rough seas (normally governed by wind strength, or if the Coastguard's weather broadcast includes conditions of 'rough' sea state for the relevant inshore waters area), dense fog and/or very heavy rain.

We use the Met Office's Shipping Forecast, the Coastguard's inshore waters broadcast and other sources as necessary to determine weather suitability.

In the case of adverse weather affecting your charter, we will discuss changing to an alternative date, which can be any time in the current charter season, or consider adjusting your itinerary / timings.

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Do I have to bring my own towels etc?

No. All towels and bed linen are provided and are of the highest quality.

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Is the cost of crew included?

Yes. A professionally qualified Captain with a commercial license, along with at least one member of crew, qualified in boat handling, first aid and of course hospitality is included in every charter rate.

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What's included in the price?

This depends on the package you choose.

Prices are quoted for the hire of the vessel and its equipment, along with Captain and crew, soft drinks, tea and coffee. Your package may also include food and drink, fuel for the duration of your charter and any marina stays or stop-offs.

If prices are quoted 'per person' the rate is based on the maximum number of guests the vessel can carry. If there are less than this number in your party, the rate payable remains the same and so the price per person will increase.

Note that bespoke packages will list every item that is included in the rate. Anything outside of this will be payable by the client. You may be asked for an APA - advanced provisioning allowance to cover these costs prior to your charter.

Our prices include VAT and all applicable taxes.

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What happens if I need to cancel?

NOTE: If you are booking a motor yacht listed on our website, you may always re-arrange the date of your charter for free up to 10 days before the charter date so long as the date is in the same season (i.e. the same calendar year, April through to October). You may also re-arrange up to and including the day before your charter date for a fee. See Can I change the dates of my charter?

If you prefer to cancel in full:

Within 7 Days of Booking (as long as the charter does not commence within the next 60 days)

We will refund your deposit in full.

After 7 days but more than 60 days before the charter date

We can not refund your deposit but will refund any charges over and above the deposit paid.

Less than 60 days but more than 30 days before the charter date

Providing the charter balance has been paid, we will refund 50% of the charter fee and re-advertise the vessel. If it is rebooked you will receive a further 25% of the difference between what you paid, the rebooked rate and the already refunded amount.

Less than 30 days before the charter date

We can not provide any refund in these circumstances. However we will always re-advertise the vessel and if it is booked we will refund you 75% of the charter fee you paid less any difference between the rebooked rate and the rate you paid.

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Can I choose my exact boat?

Yes. The motor yacht you book is the motor yacht you will have on the day.

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Can I choose exact crew?

You are not normally able to choose crew. We have to have a flexible approach to crewing our boats to ensure we can fulfill the needs of every charter.

However, crew do tend to stay with one particular vessel. If this is a requirement, drop us a line and we'll do our best to try to help.

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Can I charter bareboat?

No. Unfortunately unlike sailing yachts, it is not possible to charter a motor yacht under any circumstances without a commercially endorsed, qualified Captain.

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Can I bring my own food?

Of course. Please be mindful of the fact that whilst all our boats offer full galley facilities, space is always limited - e.g. fridge are usually smaller than at home and cupboard/locker space is limited. Also, ovens & hobs are much smaller, so preparing a gourmet feast is always possible but can be challenging!

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Can I bring my children?

Of course! Children are always welcome and will love the experience. Please let us know their age (if under 18), weight and height at least 7 days before your charter to ensure we have appropriate life jackets on board.

Children under 12 must wear life jackets at all times whilst at sea.

All children - no matter how old, count towards the total number of guests.

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Do you take pets?

We regret that we no longer accept pets on any of our yachts.

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Do you need a security deposit?

We do not normally need a security deposit on crewed day charters, but there may be circumstances when one is asked for.

For overnight charters or where there are large groups of people (e.g. static charters), we will normally ask for a security deposit ranging from £500-£2000. We will always let you know at the time of booking.

By booking with us, you agree that we may charge you the cost of repairing any damage or replacing any breakage that you or a member of your party cause.

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Can I be assured of your discretion?

Absolutely, people want privacy and discretion for all sorts of reasons.

We guarantee that under no circumstances will your booking details be disclosed to anyone other than yourself and our team and we will always offer privacy and discretion as standard.

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Can I change the dates of my charter?

Where you book one of the motor yachts listed on our website, you are free to amend the date of your charter up to 10 days prior to the charter start date so long as the date is in the same boating season (i.e. the same calendar year, April through to October). Subject to availability.

If you wish to change the date within 10 days of the charter start date you may do so but you will need to pay any expenses already committed such as marina fees, crew costs and catering costs that may be non-refundable.

If you may need to change the date, contact us at the earliest opportunity to allow us time to help.

If you book a vessel that is not listed as part of our fleet (where we act as a broker) you will be subject to the terms and conditions of the operator. Differences in these terms will be made clear to you at the point of booking.

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How can I contact you?

Either complete the contact form here, call us on 01202 232104 or e-mail us at info@clarityyachts.com. We will respond within 24 hours.

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